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The blog you are reading is the property of the Law Office of H. W. Bailey, LLC, a New Jersey criminal defense law practice located in Newark, N.J. Our office is located at 24 Commerce Street, Suite 1001, Newark, NJ; Phone: 973-982-1200 and our main website is http://www.hwblaw.com which we invite you to visit for more information about us and our law practice. All information presented and comments contained on this blog are relevant to, and limited to, criminal cases in the State of New Jersey only. Any application of anything contained herein to charges in any other jurisdiction is at your own risk and should be discussed with an attorney licensed in that other jurisdiction BEFORE you rely on what is posted on this blog.

Howard Bailey is committed to helping his clients and their families (as well as the casual reader visiting this blog) understand the sometimes trivial issues that can influence the prosecutor to downgrade or dismiss a case; or, influence a judge to ‘throw the book’ at a defendant.

After more than 40 years of experience in the field of criminal law as a criminal defense lawyer licensed in the State of New Jersey; as an Assistant Essex County Prosecutor; and, before that as a police officer, he also believes that humor (and sometimes laughter) helps to explain an issue, while not losing sight of the need for information that educates the reader as to why a particular issue does/does not help get a case thrown out by the prosecutor or judge.

He invites constructive comments on the articles he posts in particular; and, on this site in general. He reserves unto himself the right to eliminate comments that use offensive language (and yes, you know what those words are so don’t use them if you don’t want him to delete what you wrote) or improperly disparage the law, lawyers, or the legal system; or, which are in his sole opinion are irrelevant to the issues he discusses or the purpose of this blog.

We hope you read, enjoy, comment, and leave with more information than you arrived with; and, we strongly suggest you review the disclaimer post on each post; and, elsewhere on this website to understand that everything about this blog is intended as marketing, not advertising; that nothing posted herein is intended as legal advice; that you reading or commenting on this blog, or any response by Mr Bailey DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN ATTORNEY/CLIENT RELATIONSHIP; and, that there are obvious and reasonable limitations in transferring the information contained on this blog website in regards to anyone relying on the information contained herein to decide how to address a legal issue resulting from a criminal charge.

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